Take Control of Your Email Marketing

Advanced Email Marketing Types

Target and deliver super personalized emails to the right people at the right time.
Our e-marketing platform provides an all-inclusive dashboard to
reach your customers effortlessly at all scales.


Drive more outcome through Personalized Email Campaigns and increase revenue with confidence in PersonaClick.


Use drip function to create a targeted series of emails that send when triggered by a specific date, time or subscriber's activity.


Use powerful delivery service for one-to-one transactional emails like order confirmations and welcome messages.


Boost your email campaigns and track subscriber engagement real-time through highly scalable platform

Upscale Email Marketing Capacity

0 Email Import Capability in Second

0 Dedicated ARIN & RIPE IP's

0 Number of Email Feature Set

0 Email Sending Capacity Per Hour

Elevate Email Campaigns with 1:1 Personalized Messages

It's quick and easy to create beautiful, high-converting emails
even if you have zero programming experience.

  • Create beautiful, professional, high converting emails in minutes.
  • Increase email response ratio with personalized content.
  • Follow-up leads and customers automatically.
  • Making enterprise-level marketing tools affordable and accessible to small businesses as well.
  • Track your email marketing campaign results and conversions for sending better emails.

Email Editor Efficiency

Your Trusted Partner in Email Deliverability

Getting your emails delivered to the inbox is our #1 priority. Your business relies on getting
the email to the inbox. Your email delivery rate - the rate at which your emails actually
make it to the inbox - is the most important metric for your email process success.

Robust Infrastructure

  • IP address setup is optimized for your monthly sending volume
  • Dedicated IPs are provided for Professional plans
  • Quickly and easily add a new IP to your account
  • Start off on the right foot with Automated IP Warmup
  • We’ll sign you up for all major ISP feedback loops so you can remove complainers from your list

Stable Authentication

  • Authenticate with SPF and DKIM to prevent phishing and spoofing
  • Easily whitelabel your domains and dedicated IP address
  • Increase email deliverability and trust with whitelabeled links
  • Protect your account and easily set user permissions with Teammates

Improve Reputation

  • User-friendly dashboard, email alerts, and reputation score help you quickly identify email delivery issues
  • Sophisticated reporting makes troubleshooting email issues easy
  • Bounce management to ensure you send to a clean list of subscribers
  • Blacklist monitoring of your domain and IP to keep you delivering email

Key Features

From email marketing to marketing automation, email gateway
to full-featured API, we cover you

Preview and Testing

Send Now or Later

Flexible Integration

Real Time Spam Analysis

Fast Subscriber Import

Social Media Sharing

List Management

Marketing Automation

Email Slicer

Advanced Reporting

Boost Campaign

Transaction Email Gateway

Boost Your Conversions & Increase Your Sales with
PersonaClick's Email Marketing Platform