A Data Driven Marketing Cloud

Delivering the Cutting-Edge Marketing Technology

PersonaClick's smart machine learning engine builds actionable audience segments in real-time,
enabling marketers to increase revenue through personalization, recommendations,
automatic optimization and one-to-one messaging with cutting-edge technology


We Believe That Human Connections Matter Now More Than Ever. PersonaClick's aim is to help our clients build deeper, longer-lasting connection with their customers.


A 5% improvement in customer retention can increase profits by up to 95%, which is why we want fastest growing retailers to work with us.


Our team is driven by customer success. Engineers,
salespeople, account managers and everyone who
joins PersonClick rallies together as a single,
global team to innovate and improve.

About PersonaClick

PersonaClick provides marketing professionals and online store owners with the intelligence and technology
they need to develop their online business-all within a single interface. We’re shaping our system to be a
user-friendly unified solution, connecting tens of effective marketing tools to be used separately or
in a bundle and showing every important KPI based on real-time analytics.
An intelligible single interface to manage every next step.